Work faster. Write better. Your personal writing assistant for Neos.

Create drafts faster, brainstorm new ideas and turn thoughts into brilliant texts. Based on the latest findings in the field of artificial intelligence.

✅ Based on the world's best AIs

NEOSidekick combines the most powerful AIs in a feature-oriented system. We use the OpenAI GPT-4o language model combined with DeepL for text generation and Azure Computer Vision for multimedia content. Our team reads several AI research papers every week, and we are constantly implementing the most exciting approaches to keep you at the forefront.

✅ A focus - creating brilliant texts quickly

Our models are trained to generate and optimize texts. This allows us to achieve exceptional results.

✅ Developed as an assistant

Creating completely automated texts doesn't work.
We develop tools to make it easier for you to find ideas, structure and write texts, and to take over all the annoying side work such as image alternative texts and meta descriptions. Our goal is to make you 10 times more productive. We always want to assist, so you can bring in your own instructions via briefings and have them further refined.

Find the optimal page title

Get inspired by many suggestions to find the best title for each page.

Overcome writer's block

Do you know the problem of not yet knowing exactly how your blog post can be structured?
Get the inspiration you need for your content structure.

Have paragraphs written for you

Generate entire paragraphs based on your short brief, provide feedback, and have your sidekick rewrite it to the optimal version.

Have text improved

You already have a text and want it to be error-free and fluent to read? Great, with the Text Improver you can not only fix errors, but also get precise descriptions of changes and further suggestions for improvement.

Find the perfect style

Your Sidekick helps you write with motivation, precision, like a marketing genius, or as if from the pen of a masterful writer. Just the way you want it.

Coming soon

Information about your site and target audience

You can give your writing assistant more information about your company and your goals - analyzed with AI, it will then give you even better results.

Magic content elements

NEOSidekick transforms your text into ready-made content elements. In doing so, it analyzes all the content elements available on your website and automatically selects the optimal ones.

And much more!

Learn more about our roadmap.

Who's behind?

We have been passionate experts of Neos CMS for many years. We have dived deep into the ecosystem, leading numerous projects to success - some of them even winning prestigious awards.

We are committed to contributing to the growth and success of the Neos community. Shared knowledge and mutual support are key to a vibrant and growing Neos community.