Data protection comes first.

Roland Schütz has long been personally committed "against encroaching data collection". Therefore, we make sure at every step that you are clear what we transmit to external services.

Hosting in Germany

NEOSidekick is hosted in Frankfurt am Main, and only three employees have access to the server. These employees have NDAs with our company.

We never transfer your name

OpenAI requires unique user identification to prevent misuse of their language models. To do this, we create an encrypted sequence that only we can use to know which user, if any, has been blocked by OpenAI.

It is in your control

We only transmit content that you have entered or that is publicly available. If you have unpublished changes or member areas in the Neos editorial system, this content will never be transmitted without your explicit request.

We are here for you!

If you have any questions, please contact us: