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Double your productivity

NEOSidekick can help you write better texts faster and delegate the annoying tasks such as image alternative texts and meta descriptions.

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For freelancers to discover the benefits of AI text generation


20% günstiger bei jährlicher Abrechnung.

  • 1 user included
  • Up to 20,000 words per month
  • Brainstorm ideas, create page titles, metadata, blog posts and more
  • Get your texts improved and optimized
  • Personalize NEOSidekick with information about your website and your target audience
  • Use over 10 writing styles
  • English and German
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Most popular

For small teams that create and maintain professional content


20% günstiger bei jährlicher Abrechnung.

  • 5 users included
  • Up to 100,000 words per month,
    evenly split across users
  • All features from Basic
  • Use the currents page content to generate even better text
  • Keyword research for better Google rankings
  • Up to 5 languages
  • User-specific rights management
  • Automatic updates to latest AI models, currently GPT-4
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The AI for large teams, with more languages, more modells and the ability to learn your brand voice


20% günstiger bei jährlicher Abrechnung.

  • Unlimited users included
  • Up to 300,000 words per month,
    as a pool for all users
  • All features from Standard
  • All languages supported by GPT-4 and DeepL, free on demand
  • Multiple AI models for more reliability and better performance
  • Generate alt tags via image recognition
  • Perfectly express your brand voice!
    We train NEOSidekick to master your brand's unique style and apt word choice (Free setup with annual subscription)
  • Free consulting call once a quarter
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Just install the plugin, and you can try the free version. No registration required.

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The license is valid for one CMS instance and can run on multiple domains. All prices are net. Words read and generated are counted. A 50000 word package can be purchased individually for 35 €. An installation by our experts on your system is possible for 150 € one-time. If paid monthly, the brand voice training for Enterprise costs a one-time fee of 760€.

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Your advantages as a partner

  • Expert support with installation and technical issues
  • Get commissions for new clients and influence the future of our roadmap
  • Make NEOSidekick your unbeatable competitive advantage in winning website business
  • Maximize your profit by offering additional support and consulting to your clients.

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Requirements: Your company must be based in Europe and maintain at least 5 active client websites.

Frequently asked questions

NEOSidekick really understands what you want to do and is directly embedded in the Neos CMS. Create meta descriptions at the click of a button, select a text to shorten or rewrite it directly and much more. NEOSidekick offers a seamless integration of the chat GPT technology in the Neos CMS.

NEOSidekick combines the most powerful AIs in a feature-oriented system. We use the OpenAI GPT-4o language model combined with DeepL for text generation and Azure Computer Vision for multimedia content.

NEOSidekick is hosted in Germany. We only transfer content to external services that is already intended for a public website. We have contracts that this data may not be used to train models. For questions write to us:

We offer non-profits a 25% discount. In selected cases it is possible to get NEOSidekick for free. Write to us:

According to Google, using AI as part of a text creation process is perfectly okay.

We will keep you up to date on our roadmap and you can enter your feature requests here.