Perfect meta descriptions

NEOSidekick follows best practices for good meta descriptions

NEOSidekick creates a meta description based on the content of the current page with just one click.

Here are a few tips for optimal SEO and descriptions that fit your brand even better.

Best practice examples for your brand

You can provide one to three examples of good page descriptions for each page type. NEOSidekick uses your examples as a guide when writing to match the brand style. Here is an example to always create a question for blog posts:

- 'How can we use Large Language Models in Neos CMS to make editors' day easier?'
- 'Why does Generative AI save so much time when creating drafts?'

Focus keywords

SEO experts pay attention to the correct use of focus keywords in the description. On "money pages" with important keywords, the keyword should always appear exactly once in its original form.

Ideally, a variant and/or a long-tail keyword should then appear in the description, but only after the original form.

Example for the focus keyword "buy shoes":

Good: Schuhshop24 is your place to go to buy shoes easily. Discover our wide range now.

Better: Schuhshop24 is the place to buy shoes. Large selection of women's boots and trendy sneakers.

Wrong: Schuhshop24 is your place to go for women's boots and trendy sneakers. Buy shoes easily now. (wrong keyword order)

Wrong: Simply buy shoes now. At Schuhshop24, it's quicker and easier to buy shoes than ever before. (focus keyword is used twice)

NEOSidekick takes care of it. Simply add the mixin NEOSidekick.AiAssistant:Mixin.AiPageBriefing to your Document NodeType and define the keyword in the Neos Inspector. 

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Start now to make your meta descriptions even more SEO-friendly